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The Northern Block type foundry was created by Jonathan Hill in 2006 with the goal to design new and original typefaces. Today the company is recognised for producing modernist work with a clean, geometric aesthetic that appeals to the latest breed of font buyers including, electronic manufacturers, mobile application developers and video game designers. In 2013, MyFonts voted the Bauhaus-inspired font Corbert amongst the most popular sans serif designs. Recent achievements include two international awards in the 2014 Hiiibrand Typography (Latin) Typeface Category.

Jonathan Hill - Creative Director
After graduating from Newcastle College of Art & Design in 1994, he initially worked in print producing event graphics for the Leadmill in Sheffield. In 1999, Jonathan joined Mainartery; a progressive design studio based in London working solely for the music industry. Over a 3-year period, he produced a range of unique music packaging that crossed boundaries between 2D and 3D media. Clients include R02, Universal Music, EMI and Azuli Records.

In 2006 Jonathan set up The Northern Block type foundry to design clean, geometric typefaces aimed at the convergence media users. Recently his font designs have received recognition as some of the most popular work on the market and with his dedication to mentoring and training new type design talent in the UK his influence is set to grow stronger. 

In 2015, Jonathan received a Merit Award (Latin Group) for the Modum font family at Hiiibrand International Typography Design competition.

Mariya V. Pigoulevskaya - Senior Type Designer
Mariya joined The Northern Block Type Foundry in 2012 after successfully completing a Master of Arts in Future Design at Teesside University. During the final year of study, she chose to focus on typography and developed her interest of type design. Prior to completing her apprenticeship with The Northern Block and becoming a type designer, her background was in graphics, illustration and the Russian language. Mariya is passionate about the Swiss style which shows in the type design work and fits perfectly with The Northern Blocks ideology.

In 2014, she participated in the highly regarding TDi (Type Design Program) at Reading University to extend her growing knowledge and expertise of the subject. Mariya has developed an extensive collection of work, including serif, sans-serif and handmade typefaces that demonstrate her specialist skills in Latin and Cyrillic font development.

In 2015, Mariya received a Bronze Award (Latin Group) for Merel font family at Hiiibrand International Typography Design competition.

Gareth Jones - Graphic Designer
Recently graduated from Teesside University with a First Class Honours in Graphic Design. Gareth has an insatiable appetite for design, an obsessive attention to detail and is passionate about graphic design, typography and branding, which are all essential traits to have when working for The Northern Block. As an avid collector of design books and material, he appreciates simple, effective design driven by strong and justified ideas.

Alessia Mazzarella - Type Design & Development
Alessia is a typeface designer from Italy, currently living in the UK. She graduated with distinction in 2013 from the MA in Typeface Design program at the University of Reading. She received a BA in Graphic Design from Central Saint Martins, London and a BA in Graphic and Multimedia Design from Sapienza, University of Rome. During the MA, she developed her interest in multi-script typeface design, focusing her research on the Odia script.


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